Our Team

Maggie Hall

B.Sc., M.S.W., LLM (ADR), CP Med., Acc.F.M.(OAFM)
Co-Director, Mediation North



  • Master of Laws (ADR), 2008, Osgoode  Hall Law School, York University
  • Master of Social Work, 1986, University of Toronto
  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Psychology), 1984, University of Toronto

Professional Memberships:

  • Ontario College of Social Workers
  • Ontario Association of Social Workers
  • Ontario Association for Family Mediators (Accredited Mediator, Child Protection Roster Mediator, Ontario Child       Protection Mediation Roster, CP Med Designation)
  • AFCC (Association of Family Court and Community Professionals)
  • AFCC Ontario Chapter (Treasurer)

Clinical Focus:

  • Assessment, Counseling and Comprehensive Mediation Services for Families Experiencing Separation, Divorce or Remarriage
  • Marital and Separation Counseling
  • Parent Coordination
  • Mediation in Child Protection Matters
  • Groups for families of separation
  • Work with families where there is an aligned child
  • Training

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Maggie Hall can be contacted at mhall@mediationnorth.ca


Kathleen Chapman

B.A.(Hons), LLB, Acc. F.M.(OAFM), C.P.Med.
Co-Director, Mediation North


Since 1983, Kathleen has been an active mediator in a variety of areas (family, civil, workplace, wrongful dismissal, estate, child protection, etc.) and has taken multiple training(s) in a wide variety of areas. As a result, she has developed both advanced communication and relationship skills together with advanced investigative interviewing and assessment skills.

As Director of the Mediation Centre Inc., and its divisions,The Family Mediation Centre and Mediation North, Kathleen has demonstrated strong case management skills in the overall management of the service and in individual files which she has personally mediated.

As the issue of power imbalance is central to the considerations of mediation and, in particular, family mediation, Kathleen has taken in depth training. She was invited to be a participant in the pilot training for the State Justice Institution (ABA) and the Academy of Family Mediators for the Domestic Abuse and Custody Mediation (Linda K. Girdner, Ph.D). This together with the course work for the L.L.M. (ADR) York University, Osgoode Hall Law School has furthered her ability to use techniques to redress power imbalances.

As an active family lawyer since 1975, Kathleen is most familiar with legislation, court process and the family justice system and is familiar with the use of appropriate software tools such as DivorceMate, Summate, Spousal Support Advisory Guideline Calculation software, Child Support Guideline software including pro rate section 7 contribution calculations, Financial Statements and Net Family Property Statements.

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Kathleen Chapman can be contacted at kchapman@mediationnorth.ca